Application segmentation marketing segmentation Targeting And positioning

The advent of multimedia content has expanded the avenues for article marketing. Integrating visually appealing elements such as infographics, videos, or interactive features not only enhances the overall reader experience but also makes articles more shareable on social media platforms.

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In conclusion, marketing is the catalyst that propels articles from mere words on a page to impactful pieces that resonate with a broader audience. A strategic blend of digital and traditional approaches, coupled with a deep understanding of the target audience, is essential for maximizing the reach and impact of articles in today’s competitive media landscape. As content continues to evolve, so too must the
marketing strategies employed to ensure that articles stand out amidst the vast sea of information.Beyond the initial promotion, sustaining visibility and engagement with articles requires ongoing efforts.
Utilizing analytics tools helps marketers assess the performance of articles and refine their strategies. By tracking metrics such as page views, time spent on the page, and social shares, marketers can gain valuable insights into audience behavior and preferences. This data- driven approach enables them to adapt and optimize marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Building a strong brand presence for the content creator or publication is integral to long-term success. Consistent branding across various platforms and channels fosters recognition and trust among the audience. Establishing a unique voice, style, and visual identity
contributes to the overall brand image, making it more likely for readers to seek out and engage with future articles.

Engagement is a two-way street, and fostering a sense of community around the content can significantly enhance its reach. Encouraging comments, discussions, and user-generated content creates a
participatory environment. This not only strengthens the relationship between the content creator and the audience but also extends the organic reach of the articles as readers share and discuss them within their networks.

Influencer marketing is another avenue to explore, especially in the digital realm. Collaborating with influencers who align with the content’s theme can expose it to a wider audience. Influencers can
provide authentic endorsements and share articles with their followers, leveraging their credibility and reach to enhance the article’s visibility.

Optimizing for mobile devices is imperative, given the increasing prevalence of mobile browsing. Ensuring that articles are mobile- friendly and load quickly on various devices enhances the user
experience and expands the potential audience. Mobile optimization is not only a user convenience but also a key factor considered by search engines in ranking content.

Lastly, staying abreast of trends and technological advancements is crucial in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing. Embracing
emerging platforms, technologies, and content formats can give articles a competitive edge. From the integration of augmented reality to exploring new social media channels, adapting to the changing
preferences of the audience ensures that articles remain relevant and accessible.

In summary, successful article marketing extends beyond the initial promotion to encompass ongoing strategies that adapt to audience behavior and industry trends. Leveraging analytics, fostering community engagement, and exploring innovative approaches contribute to the sustained visibility and impact of articles in an increasingly competitive digital landscape
Literature review Marketing Segmentation
Following a strategic market segmentation,
– a global leader in consumer goods – improves the understanding of this diverse and vast population’s needs which leads to improved products. This study focuses on Unilever’s segmentation tactics, detailing the aspects through which the firm splits its potential markets and why it selects these approaches. Unilever designs its products with varying age groups in mind, which means that what a millennial needs might be different from the requirements of baby boomers. For instance, brands such as Dove and Axe possess separate campaigns and product formulas aimed at the young audience by promoting more individuality or expressiveness. Segmentation strategies of Unilever cohere with the major marketing tenets, acknowledging varieties present in a diverse consumer nucleus across the globe. Through the deliberate breakthrough of its market taking into consideration demographic, psychographic, geographical, and behavioral aspects, Unilever guarantees that its goods speak to people individually and culturally. The company’s credo of sustainability and social responsibility contributes to its

reputation as a brand that believes in and respects the ideals embraced by consumers. Despite the constant development of segmentation approaches by
it remains flexible to adapt to diverse consumer behaviors and needs in this realm of dynamicity associated with the consumer goods market.

Demographic Segmentation:
Demographic segmentation is also a key part of the marketing strategy which has emphasized that age, gender, income, and education levels are important factors contributing to customer attitude and preference. In its professional age-specific product offers,assumes that a millennial would have different needs from those of the baby boomer. For example, brands like Dove and Axe have targeted campaigns as well as formulations specifically for products aimed towards the younger generation who are more oriented at individuality with freedom of strategies are gender targeted to address different tastes consumers males and females
have. Companies like Dove focus on self-empowerment of women related to body positivity while other products for young men use powerful and energetic treatments, such as Lynx (Axe).

Psychographic Segmentation:
Psychographic characteristics like lifestyle, values, and attitudes form the basis of segmentation strategies by ensuring that its products are relevant to consumers at a deeper emotional level.
appreciates the fact that different lifestyles affect consumer decision-making. For instance, products such as Ben & Jerry’s brand of ice cream are placed to target individuals who enjoy indulgence and a premium product selling point that fits into the more leisurely type lifestyle. brand positioning is built on sustainability and social responsibility. Segments of consumers align their preferences with socially responsible brands like Dove and Lifebuoy, and the company is based on value and attitude towards environmental issues.

Geographic Segmentation
Because of its worldwide operation
implements geographic segmentation to customize its devices based on regional preferences and particular climatic conditions.offers product variations according to the preferences of different regions, as there are differences in tastes between Asian countries and European or North American ones. For

instance, the tastes of ice cream and types of skincare products as well as even formulas for detergents are modified to meet special demands from different areas. understands the climate as a generator of consumer needs. The company’s products in the skincare and haircare product lines change formulations depending on climate challenges, which gives its customers a wide range of solutions appropriate for their locations.

Behavioral Segmentation
Consumer behavior understanding is essential for successful marketing with Behavioral segmentation enables the company to customize its products and marketing messages according to consumer behavior toward brand interaction. Loyalty programs and targeted promotions are used by to recognize and award brand loyalty. Consistent loyalty to brands is often rewarded with special offers, thus helping in the building of consumer-brand relationship looks at consumer usage to launch variants of new products or make improvements on already existing ones. For instance, the development of concentrated laundry detergents provides an answer to the demand for consumers with smaller households or people who are more interested in convenience in use.


The true masters of navigating this multi-dimensional and dynamics
global market are such companies as – one of the most powerful consumer goods business players in the world. The implementation of targeting strategies serves as one of the major factors contributing to its success because this means that it will only focus on certain consumer groups when they sync with brand offerings. This article describes the targeting market strategies of
in terms of product development adjusted to local consumers’ preferences, and brand positioning generating maximum profits. Unlike so many rival companies,
begins with a very thorough analysis of the available markets; not all markets are market-friendly because some do not equal growth opportunities and others fail to match up company’s strategy.analyzes different elements, including market size and growth potential with economic parameters to find markets that are favorable for its diverse product range. This involves a wide knowledge of the economic trends, legal environment, and cultural aspects in each region.
The company’s market selection process has cultural sensitivity as its integral

part. Butunderstands that consumer behavior and needs are culture- driven therefore the firm targets specific cultures to respond to their
audience. Therefore, as the markets to target are selected demonstrates its capacity of adapting these products in such a way that they meet local goals most precisely and provide an excellent fit with various segments’
requirements. What works effectively in one market might not work so well with another and the firm is conscious of this development. For this reason, the company develops regional product versions and formulates flavors ‘and package specifications to suit consumer needs in regions.targeting strategies include diet and lifestyle. For example, the company introduces Moreover, the company shows vegetarian and vegan options in its food and beverage brand portfolio reflecting awareness of emerging consumer preferences for plant-based products.
Proper brand placement by creates a unique image in consumers’ minds and helps the firm to create products uniqueness supporting them competitively against other competitors involved. With brand management, connects its brands with different attributes and values. For instance, Dove is portrayed as a supportive brand of true beauty and confidence for women while Knorr enjoys its spin on natural products. It is these connections that make it possible to perform specific positioning of each brand in the portfolio.
knows that social and environmental aspects are increasingly important in determining the purchasing behavior of people. In this way, the company contributes to consumers’ value of sustainability and ethical practice by making its brands socially responsible and environmentally friendly.
turns to consumer-specific approaches, recognizing a gaining push towards personalized and targeted preferences by customers. can use data analytics to analyze consumer preferences and attitudes. Consumer data is used by the company to drive such personalized communications and suggestions that improve on individual consumer’s experience. E-commerce has caught up withwhich descended downstream to interact directly with the consumers. Online media allow to analyze personal purchase behaviors that provide an opportunity for addressing targeted marketing strategies and individualized promotions.

Marketing Strategy
Global brand has refined a marketing approach that comprises innovativeness, sustainability, and versatility to be able to interact with

heterogeneous consumer groups globally. This integrated marketing approach not only takes into account the changing nature of tastes but also reflects
Unilever’s stance on social responsibility and sustainable development.” controls a widevariety of brands in many categories, such as personal-
care products, food items, and home-care products. The approach entails maintaining popular brands, such as Dove and Knorr along with newer innovative products, thus creating a strong market presence. All brands in the
portfolio are uniquely positioned to serve different market needs and demands. Differentiation through brand associations is emphasized for the
company by Dove as real beauty and self-confidence, while Lipton’s positioning its naturalness and sustainability in tea production.
One of the pillars of marketing strategy is the Sustainable Living Plan. The company has integrated sustainability into its business model at the
core level, dealing with environmental and social challenges. Sustainable sourcing, lower impact on the environment, and social good often become part of marketing messages to sustain a positive brand image among consumers mindful of environmental status.demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through marketing campaigns, ensuring openness and honesty. Consumers’ trust and loyalty are built upon initiatives such as “Dove Cares” or efforts aimed at reducing plastic waste revealed in marketing materials.
Digital marketing forms an integral part ofstrategy. Social media is a key area in which the firm has a significant presence as it uses influencers and user-generated content to increase brand visibility and involvement. Targeted advertising and consumer interaction are enabled by digital platforms. e- commerce, which has become increasingly popular with online shoppers, is a trend that strategically harnessed. Direct-to-consumer initiatives are introduced, allowing the company to collect meaningful information about consumers and personalize marketing efforts while improving customer value. Emotional bonds with consumers are an objective of marketing activities. Campaigns tend to concentrate on storytelling, brand values, and creating stories that speak directly to the consumers. For example, many campaigns by Dove target issues relating to self-love and body
acceptance. Through ensuring the needs and preferences of consumers, Unilever creates long-term relations with them. Loyalty programs, targeted promotions, and feedback mechanisms form an important part ofrelationship marketing strategy which solidifies the connection between consumers and brand.



The focus ofmarketing strategy is constant innovation and new product development. The company also invests in research and development to introduce products that are changing with the consumer trends like plant-based alternatives, and sustainable packaging among health-conscious offerings. Agility is a feature of the marketing strategy adopted by Unilever to respond rapidly to changing trends. Because the company closely follows consumer behaviors and preferences, it is in a position to respond quickly by launching new products that reflect changing market conditions.
Cultural sensitivity is an integral factor in global marketing initiatives by
The company customizes the brand messages and campaigns in ways that do not undermine cultural sensibilities, which makes them acceptable to different audiences across the globe.
In that regard, local tastes and preferences determine the production of
products since people are known to conduct themselves differently in different parts of the world. Through this localization strategy, products become relevant and attractive to consumers in various cultural scenarios.

has several marketing strategies that use different approaches to reach and appeal to a wide range of consumer segments internationally. These include conventional marketing channels, digital media, environmental programs, and novel methods. Here are some key methods employed byin its marketing efforts:
Traditional mass media, including television and radio, are used byto deliver its message to large audiences. In other words, television commercials are designed in such a way that the brand personality and central messages of
wide array of product ranges come into focus.
Ads in print media, such as magazines and newspapers, are used to reach particular groups of people. This strategy enables to share specific product information and obtain credibility from certain publications.
is large across different social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The company uses these platforms for focused advertising, engaging content, and interactive campaigns that invite further user participation.

Thatcollaborates with influencers in the beauty, wellness, and lifestyle sectors enabling it to use its fans’ reach and boost brand reliability. Influencers use the brand’s products in their posts, so essentially it targets a more engaged and niche audience.
funds innovative content that is much more than just standard advertising. These include blogs, articles, and videos that are preferred by consumers because they deliver relevant content to aid their online activities while establishing as an authority in several fields.

can integrate its products into e-commerce platforms, which makes it possible for consumers to have easy access to their preferred brands. This approach enables direct sales to consumers, as well as personalized marketing based on online behavior.
embeds sustainability in its packaging and marketing
materials. Environmentally conscious consumers find environment-friendly materials with clear communication about sustainable practices appealing.

marketing strategies go beyond the promotion of products to showcase its contribution toward social causes. CSR initiatives engage causes like poverty, health, and hygiene to create a favorable brand image. offers loyalty programs aimed at giving frequent consumers discounts, exclusive promotions, and freebies. This approach promotes re-buying behavior and stimulates brand identification.creates interactive marketing campaigns and competitions that can involve consumers actively. Whether they are through social media challenges or online competitions, these approaches generate some hype about products and get users involved.
With a focus on emerging consumer trends, invests in research and development to bring innovative products. In this way, the company can maintain its position of leadership in terms of providing offers that take into consideration changing consumer desires. Through limited edition products or partnerships with other brands and designers, there is a factor of novelty as well. This approach is utilized by to create interest and increase sales, especially among special consumer groups. adapts its marketing campaigns to fit local cultures, customs, and tastes. This approach guarantees that the brand message is relevant to all people across varied cultures and lacks cultural insensitivity. One of the important methods used by for adapting product formulations to satisfy local tastes and preferences is creating regional varieties. This guarantees that

especially within specific markets the products are accepted, implying insights into local cuisine and standards of beauty.

Results And Discussion:
When implementing the marketing strategies, the companies must understand the implementation of the STP to ensure that the marketing strategies are implemented at the appropriate levels. According to Kotler, a marketing strategy has three parts: segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Market segmentation is a strategy to understand the wants and needs of customers, the goal of which is to evaluate. Select and reach your target audience or customers. The next step is the design. This is a strategy aimed at customers reminding themselves that they have the right idea about the product.
Marketing Strategy:
The approach is to plan the desire To attain cause. Due to this fact, the approach is to plan a single, comprehensive, and incorporated layout. To integrate corporate method Advantages with challenging surroundings and ensure that, via the right implementation of Internal organization, the main employer finished. According to Kohler’s camp, Armstrong’s marketing method is understanding the common sense in interest marketing, and merchandise produced personal cost in thoughts consumers, as nicely can build precise dating with Consumer and earn profit. Stated. Commercial enterprises want a degree of the potential to be a Purchaser via segmentation and concentration. Equal element within an organization gives Carrier to the agency via positioning. Alternatively, Chandra argues Advertising and marketing strategies are plans and actions For determining in a manner detailed Enterprise, How something product is demanded in a particular market. This could impact all interest marketing For a scenario. Hobby advertising is all next Advertising strategies _ that ought to have an impact on request will product, exchange charge, trade Advertising, apply draft advertising and marketing especially, and decide channel which sale will Be used.
Promoting technique is the primary step company in orchestrating plans and strategies to activity showcasing For reach something to be anticipated buyer. So that in reaching an viable methodology, the companies will apply conceivable choices _ used For set objectives and headings target to be point 31. So from That concurring to Umar’s Strategy is characterized as a deciding prepare _ businessman to reach objective period Length from company 32. In tune with Bestari in 33 that profound strategy marketing is strategy For win predominance in compete and be seen as base to draw up a arrange or arrange something company in control in a way intensive. So that companies are still level little or huge Certain requires a competitive, efficient , and viable procedure in arrange to persevere in confronting competition from competitors 34.
Indeed great reaction _ in confronting competition is with a strategy to innovation ceaselessly so that or the company can survive and be competitive
Showcasing methodology may be an all encompassing program For fulfilling buyers by recognizing the target advertise and building on a combination figure blend showcasing, item, dissemination, and cost. Target showcasing technique 1. Increment quality coordination between individual individuals groups showcasing, 2. Estimate execution showcasing based on criteria execution that has been set. 3. As base considering method taking choice showcasing. 4.

Overhaul capacity to adjust to alter .36 Work of showcasing procedure This can be To orchestrate channels the way the company shape a group with appropriate and viable coordination. Another reason for the significance of a showcasing methodology is the expanding competition confronted by businesses in common._ In a circumstance like this, the company has no choice _ other than confronting the circumstance or going out completely from scene competition. Businesses have to increase productivity and benefit clients.
Market Segmentation:
In carrying out a showcasing methodology, SMEs must get the usage of STP so that the promoting technique is carried out by targets. Concurring to Kotler Showcasing procedure comprises three stages specifically fragmenting, focusing on, and situating. Advertise division could be a technique for understanding the wants and needs of buyers, whereas focusing on is assessed At that point select, select, and reach shoppers who will get to be targets. The following handle is situating i.e. a technique for entering the minds of buyers so that Can shape A discernment almost items to buyers
A to begin with step carried out by SMEs in defining a promoting procedure is division. Division Alone concurs to Kotler and Keller’s characterizing conclusion division as an isolated showcase from a bunch of shoppers who have likeness in needs and needs So fragmenting ( division ) can said that advertise as well as numerous and wide shared gotten to be several gather buyer based on want,characteristic buyers and behavior buyer That alone. At that point from several bunch specified , the company gets target market or planning buyer. _ From the division and the required target showcase company such, the company Can center serve need consumer or buyers to be the target, so the company Can reach the wanted position.
Agreeing to Assauri, advertise division is the movement of partitioning the shopper showcase into distinctive bunches. Each bunch comprises customers with the same characteristics or nearly the same. Each bunch of shoppers can chosen within the showcase come to by the blend strategy marketing. Therefore, market segmentation may be a showcasing procedure that’s carried out For isolating the advertise into a few shares, and division of the showcase becomes base For make it a target showcase to be served. Division is the method of separating the showcase into groups with diverse characteristics and needs. Agreeing to Firmansyah in Division is the method of gathering heterogeneous markets ended up one that has the same characteristics and needs.
Understanding advertising division is exertion gather customers in relative bunches _ homogeneous. Do division could Be a commitment, and we moreover take after an extraordinary procedure in approaching each advertises fragments that are our target advertise. While concurring with Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, the showcase division is isolating the showcase into several bunch diverse buyers. _ Showcase division can catch on as isolating diverse ( heterogeneous ) markets into homogeneous market gather so each gather can made target For offer item in understanding with require, need or characteristics buyers in that advertising.
One strategy in application showcase division is to dismember showcase sections based on 4 categories:

Geographic, division This separates the advertisement into a few parts such as nations, states, districts, cities, and towns that are considered to have awesome potential.
Socioeconomics, in matter Showcase socioeconomics are separated gotten to be bunches based on conveyance like age, sort sexual orientation, review salary, rate instruction, and religion to be more simple open and relatively cheaper For recognize the target showcase, data socioeconomics allow viewpoint approximately current slant, even though No can be utilized For foresee behavior customer but utilize information Demographics This could see alter ask different items and get utilized For assessing campaign promoting.
Psychographics, in division psychographics this, the shopper can see from the course social, fashion life, values, and identity. Agreeing to the Maliki Course can recognized as agreeing to riches, control, honor, and information. In the interim agreeing with the conclusion of Keller & Kotler, fashion life can reflected in exercises, leisure activities, and opinions
Behavior, division behavior buyer partitioned gotten to be several gathers based on information, state of mind, utilize, or response to an item.
Numerous marketers accept variables like occurrence behavior, rewards, client status, utilization, devotion status, preparation buyers, and states of mind as points starting best For constructing an advertising section. So that after SMEs apply advertising division with Great can reach the objective of the division To get it in a way more compelling and proficient approximately needs, characteristics, or behavior buyer distinctive. As well as can also make it simple to plan more items responsive to showcase needs, Analyzing the market, Find opportunity , Ace prevalent and competitive positions and Decide a viable and productive communication technique for the candidate buyer.
Targeting Determination:
After do division buyer to in gather, step besides is focusing on. According to Keegan & Green focusing on Alone is the method of assessing division and centering promoting procedure on a nation, locale, or potential gather of individuals For served targeting is the method of assessing and selecting many showcase section of about division to be target Three sort technique in actualize showcase fragments are :
Undifferentiated Showcasing. With this procedure, the company makes an exertion make One item that can fulfill each shopper or biggest advertise fragment.
Promoting Separation we are attempting to distinguish gather customer certain with partitioning the advertise into two bunch’s or more . company at that point makes distinctive items and showcases programs For each gathering.
Showcasing centered is the technique in which the company as it were serves One or more bunch consumers.
In expansion to the over procedures , the company must have; Control reaction potential Satisfactory deals, direct development, and media reach. Chain utilization is known as an

AIDA handle and comprises recognition ( fundamental buyer to presence item/brand), interaction ( intrigued ), crave ( need, feel required ), and activity ( acquiring ) With recognize conceivable parts of the advertising served in a way viable company can serve client-specific showcase _ with more all right. Concurring to Ferrell and Hartline there are five essential procedures For selecting a target market
Targeting fragment single
Focusing on Particular
Mass Showcase Targeting
Specialization Item
Showcase Specialization.
Target advertises assurance starts from Target and customizes showcase reaction to require a base , control purchase , and limitations .Some time recently you dispatch your item , you would like select gather your target after division . Since no all item trade or organization reach each fragment . Precise target market selection thrust gathering item unused by society general.
Target Advertise is gathering shopper based on characteristics , inclinations and interface them on the item comparative to that of the culprit economy as customer potential . Target showcase assurance can done through more advertise inquire about once in the past For know genuine advertise conditions in arrange for customers No off-base . Other than that’s the offender economy can deliver customized item with larger part customer and rate which buyers are fascinated by with item that permits they For center sales to the target advertise .Exceptionally critical for perpetrator economy For can characterize the correct target showcase. To begin with , decide different target advertise sections utilize and potential beneficial or more showcase sections little that gives future prospects for culprit commerce. Moment , after operator economy decide portion chosen target, he must claim prevalence competitive when confront advertise competition , for case through separation product. Third , the culprit economy must distinguish their showcase confronting so that they No do mistake in recognize showcase portion or harm intrigued they to products and brands customer this focusing on technique decided Since they realize that fundamentally they No can serve entire client in that advertise . As well numerous clients , exceptionally scattered and dispersed as well as shifted in requests his needs and needs . Concurring to Tjiptono and Chandra (2012), understanding the target showcase is the method of assessing and selecting One or a number of the foremost alluring showcase section For served with promoting programs Particular company . Whereas according to Daryanto (2011)understanding the target advertise may be a determination prepare Control drag advertise fragment and select One or a number of For entered .Agreeing to Kotler and Armstrong(2008) the target showcase is bunch shoppers who have require or the same characteristics that gotten to be objective advancement company . From a few definition over can concluded that focusing on or target showcase is movement Where company select showcase fragment for entered and after that company can decide more specific market to be target . Focusing on is the method of assessing each Control drag portion At that point select One or more characteristics For served
.Assurance of the target advertise: Concurring Tjiptono and Chandra (2012)there are five choices in select a target showcase to be specific:

Single- Section Concertation Company select One single advertise section , with a number contemplations , for case restricted reserves company , yes interior advertise openings section concerned who have not Parcels done or even ignored competitors or company consider section the is most suitable portion as base For extension to fragment other
Particular Specialization In this technique ,the company select a number alluring and suitable showcase portions with destination and source possessed power.
Showcase Specialization In this methodology , the company specialize in exertion serve different require from something bunch client certain .
Item Specialization In specialization item , company concentrate yourself on the item or benefit certain to be sold to different advertise fragment .
Full Advertise Scope In this technique , the company attempt serve all bunch client with all conceivable item _ they require . By and large as it were company enormous can _ execute this methodology , since required source colossal control .Assurance of Target Showcase Agreeing to Tjiptono and Chandra (2012), in decide the company’s target showcase (focusing on) can consider designs , got clarified as taking after: a. Separation fragment , field separated trade showcase section so company give need product distinctive For each distinctive portions are too balanced with require each section and convey different variation from item advertised .
Undifferentiating fragment , field exertion that’s not separate showcase section .
Concentrate showcasing, details meaning exertion is company concentrate serve require in gather certain Since No everybody can appreciate accessible items .
Advertise scope technique, may be a procedure that’s carried out with utilize enrollment framework as well item No for deal free ( as it were in store myself )so can make it simple shoppers and makers.

Situating is strategy put item at the area craved by the target showcase (Kotler, 2012). He possess three stage in choice assurance position : arrange assemble different check client For construct position , and organize determination entire . Fandy (2011)states that He possess seven conceivable approach utilized for situating;
Situating based trait , characteristic or advantage clients (quality situating), specifically situating with combine advantage items and clients .
Situating based price and quality (cost and quality situating), specifically situating that points make impression / picture quality tall through cost tall , or on the opposite , focused cost moo as pointer esteem . assurance position .
Based situating perspective utilization or application (utilization application); That’s , a set check utilize utilized as calculate highlighting compared to with competitors .
Situating item based on user(use situating), i.e. relate item with identity or sort client .
Situating based lesson item certain (item lesson situating). For illustration , sweet Kopiko situated as sweet coffee , no coffee flavored sweet .

Situating situated advantage (advantage situating), ie associate something brand with one characteristics or highlight slanted item seen shopper as wanted benefits
Situating Against Competitors (Competitive Situating).related with position competitive competitor major ( Manggu & Beni, 2021)
Situating The foremost critical prepare within the STP (Fragmenting, Targeting, Positioning) prepare is put item in intellect customer with characteristics for those who can recognized with item other or positioning . Situating is strategy company insert picture , recognition and creative ability on item advertised to consumer through the communication handle . Agreeing to Tjiptono and Chandra said that (2012) situating is strategy A item , brand or company seen in a way moderately compared to with item , brand or organization competitors by customers . this can said situating is something activity or steps taken by the company in exertion offer stamp Where in One fragment certain customer get it and appreciate what to do something company compared to with its competitors . So Situating isn’t put item For gather certain or segmentation be that as it may attempt insert picture item on the intellect buyers within the section that has chosen
.Situating related with play profound communication intellect customer inserted something picture certain . Situating Technique Shapes Concurring to Kotler (2006) there are a number of how to item situating that can done marketers in advance item to expecting shoppers among others:
Assurance position according to trait
Assurance position concurring to benefits
Assurance position according to application and utilize
Assurance position agreeing to client
Determination position agreeing to competitor
Assurance position agreeing to category item
Assurance position agreeing to cost merciful common situating errand comprises from three arrange specifically :
Distinguish a number plausibility predominance compete For construct position
Select superiority proper competition
Communicating in a way successful and conveying elected position advertise So center primary situating is discernment client to the resulting product and not as it were fair item physical . Situating victory is generally determined by capacity A company For separate or allow predominant esteem to client.
Application division , focusing on and situating (STP) within the showcasing methodology imperative part in offer assistance SMEs accomplish victory in competition developing trade tight . Taking after may be a number of conceivable conclusions taken from ponder this : companies are expanding realize the significance of STP in get benefit competitive .They confess that profound understanding around the target showcase they is key For give item or more benefit significant and satisfying require customer with more alright . Segmentation client is step critical begin within the marketing strategy .With isolating the showcase into more

fragments little , companies can center on the foremost promising portions and create techniques appropriately For each section . Targeting makes a difference optimize utilize source Control they with center on potential showcase fragments deliver more deals and benefits tall . In select target fragment , companies can utilize different approach like statistic , geographic ,behavioral , or psychographics . Positioning plays part vital in separate SMEs from competitor and construct solid picture in thought buyer require communicate recommendation interesting and exceptional esteem overabundance them so they can make predominance competitive.
The utility of STP within the advertising and marketing approach in offers Advantage great , incl enhancement pride client , boom sales and Achievement length long in enterprise . With excellent information about STP,some company can Direct attempt they with greater powerful and green .Even though consequently , mission still there is in implementation of STP. SMEs are Confronted with barriers supply strength , limited expertise _ approximately draft this , and Wishes For keep going screen and alter advertising and marketing approach they according with Market changes .For conquer task this , companies need growth know-how they approximately STP via training and training , expand partnership with expert experienced Advertising , and use available era. For assist advertising method Implementation them . With effective implementation of STP , companies Can attain earnings competitive , increase extra marketplace percentage vast , and accomplishing Sustainable growth in developing enterprise aggressive .
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